Make Money Online with Blogging 2016 Tips

There are many methods to Make Money Online, but today we discuss about the methods which is related to Make Money Online with Blogging in 2016 tip for startups.

There are many way to make money online with blogging some of them are very good and some methods takes some time to real at its maximum. Below is the details list of methods which is used to make money online, and you have to choose which is best for you.

  • Advertisement
  • Build a Direct Relationship with Brands
  • Offer a Service
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Write a quality e-book
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Online Training Courses

There are many other methods which is used for make money online, but this post is purely about the make money online with blogging. You need a website or blog for using this make money online methods without a blog or website you would not able to use these useful methods.

Make Money Online with Blogging 2016

You can create a website or blog on different platform like Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is powered by Google and WordPress is an open source website creation tool written in PHP. I preferred you to use the WordPress to create blog. WordPress is easy to use and highly used for blogging all around the web, WordPress is number 1 blogging Platform.

You need to follow the following step’s to create blog on WordPress.

  1. Choose a Good Domain Name for your blog
  2. Choose a Good & Fast Hosting for your blog, You can also create Free blog in WordPress but it is limited and have many restrictions.
  3. Install WordPress on your Hosting
  4. Install the Basic WordPress plugins for SEO and other
  5. The Blog is ready, Start Posting

This is a general preview of creating a blog/website on WordPress and not explained in details. We can explain this method in details in another post, so stay following us and now its time to explain the make money online with blogging which is our current topic.

Make Money Online with Blogging

Make Money Online 2016 Latest Online tips


This is 1st and easy to use method for make money online with blogging and its is by using Google Adsense on your blog. Google Adsense is Cost per click advertising (CPC) are ads that can be displayed on your website that you will be paid for every time someone clicks them.

The big advantage of using a Google Adsense is that it takes just minutes to set up and you don’t really need any coding knowledge to implement it within your blog.

Build a Direct Relationship with Brands:

Building direct relationship with brand can increase your blog value and revenue, and and eventually become a steady income source. you can start by offering to publish sponsored content or sponsored reviews or paid posts, many companies are searching to create a good buzz about them, and are willing to pay for that extra push.

Offer a Service:

Offer a Service is another way to earn money from your blog. You just need to offer your services to your reader. for example, If you are good in Website SEO, then you have to offer your’s services of SEO to your reader or you can create and maintain the website for your reader.

It totally depends on you that how much you willing to offer services to your reader and make them your regular Customer.

Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate is another way to make money online with your blog/website, it is important because it pay high then other, for example a single sale of your Affiliate product give you the huge amount about 10$ to 80$ or may be high.

You can find many companies which offers Affiliate program, like some Web Hosting companies offer Affiliate Program etc.

Write a quality e-book:

If you are experienced and good expert in some skills or topic, then you have to tell your reader that you are expert in this field. So writing a quality E-Book leads you proof this situation and your reader turns into customer and lead to generate a good sale of E-Book which generate a good revenue for your blog.

Direct Advertisement:

Rather than publishing banner ads on your website via Adsense or another 3rd party you can always work with advertisers to setup their banner ads directly. Generally banner ads are paid on a CPM model, which is basically a price per 1000 impressions of their banner on your website.

You can also find your local customer to offer a banner of their product on your website.

Online Training Courses:

Yeah, this is another very interesting method to make money online with your blog or website. We discuss above about Offering a Service to our reader, but you can also provide Online Training to your reader and customer. The student all around the world need to learn online and some of them find some useful and affordable online courses.

So, you need to create and teach online courses to your reading and customer’s.


Make Money Online with Blogging is the easy way to earn money online. It required a lot of patience and lot of hard work specially in startup. So be calm and keep searching on internet and learn new thing every day and tried to implement after learning, and keep writing and sharing your content with your peoples, reader and customers, because content is always king.

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