How Many Main Categories of Hackers are there

Today our question is that How Many Main Categories of Hackers are there, so there are three different Categories of Hackers and they perform different task some Provide Security and some Break it and some do both.

Hackers aren’t inalienably awful — “Hacker” doesn’t signify “criminal” or “awful fellow.” Geeks and tech journalists frequently allude to “Black-Hat,” “White-Hat,” and “Gray-Hat” Hackers. These terms characterize distinctive gatherings of Hackers taking into account their conduct.

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Main Categories

The meaning of “Hackers” is questionable, and could mean it is possible that somebody who bargains PC security or a talented designer in the free programming or open-source development.

How Many Main Categories of Hackers

Hacking is an “Art” through this one can provides Security to the Network and established a secure network.there are different kind of hacker.

  • WhiteHat
  • BlackHat
  • GrayHat

White-Hat Hacker

White-Hat Hackers are the inverse of the Black-Hat hackers. They’re the “Ethical Hackers,” specialists in trading off PC security frameworks who utilize their capacities for good, moral, and lawful purposes as opposed to awful, unscrupulous, and criminal purposes.

Black-Hat Hacker

Black-Hat Hackers, or just “Black-Hat,” are the kind of Hackers the well known media appears to concentrate on. Black-Hat Hackers abuse PC security for individual addition, (for example, taking Visa numbers or collecting individual information available to be purchased to character hoodlums) or for unadulterated vindictiveness, for example, making a botnet and utilizing that botnet to perform DDOS assaults against sites they don’t care for.

Gray-Hat Hacker

Not very many things in life are clear highly contrasting classifications. As a general rule, there’s regularly a hazy area. A Gray-Hat Hackers falls some place between a Black-hat and a White-Hat. A Black-Hat doesn’t work for their very own addition or to bring about gore, however they might in fact carry out violations and do apparently dishonest things.

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