Anonymous takes down 20,000 ISIS twitter Accounts

After Paris assault Anonymous programmers announce war on ISIS. Mysterious have taken 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts. They claim to chase all ISIS terrorist association.

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Mysterious programmers are attempting to bring down ISIS destinations, records, messages, and uncover every one of them.

Anonymous takes down 20,000 ISIS twitter Accounts

Concurring Anonymous programmers ,”You will be dealt with like an infection, and we are the cure.”

Rundown of 20,000 Twitter records having a place with ISIS were simply brought around Anonymous and recorded beneath the YouTube video portrayal.

Couple of days back Anonymous programmers distributes 3 advisers for show beginners “How to hack” and battle ISIS

As indicated by the YouTube video a representative, wearing Anonymous and dark dress with Guy Fawkes veil,

“Hi subjects of the world, we are unknown.”

“The time has come to acknowledge online networking is a strong stage for ISIS’s correspondence and in addition fixing there thoughts of fear among youth, yet in the meantime social networking has demonstrated that it is a propelled weapon.”

“We should all work together and use online networking to dispose of the records fitting in with terrorists. More than 20,000 Twitter Accounts fitting in with ISIS were simply brought around Anonymous. You can discover a rundown of all the Twitter Accounts in the portrayal.”

“This is just the starting.”

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