How to Improve WordPress SEO of your Blog 2016 Fresh Golden Tips

Lean how to Improve WordPress SEO in 2016 with Golden tips of Improving WordPress SEO, Improve WordPress SEO Golden tips 2016 Learn Online.

WordPress is the top blogging platform and setting up WordPress blog is easier now a days. because many Web Hosting companies give the auto install option and some companies give the Development services as well so there is not a major issue in setting up WordPress Blog.

The issue is setting up WordPress blog with SEO or Improve WordPress SEO of your Blog, because setting SEO for your blog is not much easier and it is very difficult task to get higher and better ranking in Search Engine.

Improve WordPress SEO of your Blog

Improve WordPress SEO of your Blog

As we discuss above that Improve WordPress SEO of your Blog is not a easier task, so below is the some basic tips and details how to optimize you blog or website for SEO in a better way.

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Starting with your WordPress Blog

Improve WordPress SEO

When you start a new WordPress blog you should have to use the Search Engine Visibility Option Under Setting => Reading and Check “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” until you completed all of yours Website Work, like Category, Navigation, and basic site Structure ready to launch.

When you check this option it disallow Search Engine (bots) to crawl your website. WordPress also includes rel=”noindex” and rel=”nofollow” tags to each page’s and post’s on your blog so they cannot indexed by Search Engine. This option is very useful for new people because they have change some WordPress defaults so they may cause the 404 error in Google Webmaster Tool, so that is the main reson for using this option.

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Remove Some WordPress Default Settings

This is considered as an important issue to remove some Some WordPress default setting, like Hello World, Sample Post, Sample Page, Uncategorized etc. These defaults setting must remove before the website is indexed by Search Engine, because it shows a bad user friendly experience, if your website is in development phase then you can use this defaults option as your testing purposes, but make sure to remove before the website launched.

Set Your Own Permalinks

Permalink structure wordpress

Permalink change is an important change, you find this setting under Settings => Permalinks. You should use and understand able and meaningful Permalinks for your blog or website. Changing the setting to Post Name (/%postname%/) is usually best practice. Permalinks change can Improve WordPress SEO of your blog in a proper way.

You can find more details about the Permalinks by Yoast WordPress SEO.

Add Some Updated Services

When you create or post some new stuff then it take some time to index in Search Engine, It depends on the website Crawl rate. To speed this up, WordPress offer the chance for you to add update services within the Setting => Writing => Update Services. You should check these 3 Updated Services must add into your Update Services.


You can fine more Updated Services by WordPress Here

Optimize your Titles for SEO

Optimizing the post title is important in your ranking. You should have to optimize the title of your post. Highlights the main Keyword or Focus Keyword in your post title. You can learn more from Optimizing Title for SEO by MOZSEO. Title of the post is the 1st step to Improve WordPress SEO of your blog, so keep it SEO friendly.

Optimize your Descriptions

It is the 2nd main important portion of your SEO, you should also follow some rules in optimizing your Description, use your’s main keyword or Focus Keyword into your description.

Optimizing Title and Description of the Post is the main and important factor in Improve WordPress SEO faster and in a proper way, If your Title and Description is unique then you post should rank better in the Search Engine.

Image Optimization


Now a days Image Optimization play an important role in Website SEO, Below there are some basic tips you need you know about Image Optimization and use in your website or blog.

  • Name Your Images Descriptively and in Plain English
  • Optimize Your Alt Tags Intelligently
  • Strategize Your Image Dimensions and Product Angles
  • Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images
  • Know Which Image File Type to Use for the Right Situations
  • Know How To Handle Your Thumbnails
  • Use Image Site Maps
  • Use Caution When Using Content Delivery Networks

You can fine more and Detailed Image Optimization Tips Here

Use XML Sitemaps

Using a XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress website is important to tell the Search Engine about every page of your Website. Using XML Sitemap is the main factor Improve WordPress SEO.


You can use the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin by Arne Brachhold or if you are using Yoast SEO Plugin then you can use the option of Sitemap with Yoast SEO Plugin.

Linking to Related Posts

It is also some important part of SEO Strategies, that linking you old related post within your blog. for example if your are writing about WordPress SEO then you should link the post of your blog related to WordPress SEO.

Nofollow Untrusted and Useless Links


A hyperlink with rel=”nofollow” tell’s the Search Engine not to follow this link. Additionally, adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to a link ensures that it gets no Page Rank points from the page the link was posted on.

Google advises that webmasters set unrelated links as nofollow. This includes paid advertisements on websites with links to the advertisers’ websites. See Google Official Release

Use a Caching Plugin to Speed Up Your Blog

WordPress caching plugin

Caching Plugin is important for any WordPress website or blog, because this plugin can do two important thing, first they can increase the loading speed of website and make it faster and the Second important thing is they can reduce the load on your web server.

There are many WordPress Caching Plugins some Important are given below:

These all plugins are top rated plugins used by million’s of Websites.

Use a CDN to Boost your Site’s Performance

CDN for WordPress

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server. Source

It basically caches your static content among numerous servers on its widespread network and serves them to your users through servers that are the closest to the locations of the users.

There are many CDN providers but some of them are listed below:

Customize your Robots.txt


If you don’t want Googlebot to crawl and index specific directories or pages of your site, you can block them straight from your robots.txt. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin then you can edit your Robots.txt file from the editor option or find and other WordPress plugin for this purpose.

Add fresh/New Posts Frequently

This option have also very important reason to consider that you should update your blog regularly and keep updated and creating the new content for your readers. If you post five times in a week, and don’t post anything at all the next week, it’s even worse than posting two posts a week consistently.

This post includes only the basic about how to Improve WordPress SEO of your blog. You should try these useful tips while creating your WordPress blog.

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