Google says Docs is down for ‘a significant’ number of users

Google Docs went down a little before 4PM ET today for what Google says is a “significant subset of users.” For a product with a user base that reaches into the hundreds of millions at a minimum, that’s certain to mean a huge number of people experiencing a disruption.

Oddly, the outage is limited only to Google Docs — other portions of Drive and G Suite are still working for everyone. And for the people who are still able to access Docs, there don’t seem to be any problems at all.

But if you’re in the unfortunate affected group, you’re essentially locked out of your documents for the time being. Google’s services remain up nearly all of the time, so even the slightest outage is a surprise. It’s also occurring in the middle of the US work and school day, making it a bit more disruptive as it’s leaving people without the ability to access documents they’ve been writing and editing.

Google said at 3:48PM ET that it was “aware of a problem” and that “affected users are unable to access Google Docs.” It didn’t provide any details beyond that other than to say that the company would provide an update by 5:30PM ET “detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.”


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