Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016 For High Earning or eCPM

Many People are searching about Google Adsense Alternatives because they want to leave the Google and find new opportunities. Google Adsense is the top ad network for all types of blogger and website owner’s due to its high quality ads and payment methods and easy to use tool.

Some peoples have do not like Google Adsense because they are banned by Google Adsense due to some policy violation or some other reason, so that’s why they find the best Google Adsense Alternatives for their blog and website’s.

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Today we discuss about the Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016 which have almost nearly equal to Google Adsense due to their performance and ads quality. These Google Adsense Alternatives are also very highly paid and well known ads network that you should have to tried if you do not like Google Adsense or if your’s website is banned by Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016

1) Infolinks:

Infolinks 1st Google Adsense Alternatives

Infolinks is the No.1 alternative of Google Adsense in 2016, because It gets approved only when you have over 20 high quality textual posts at your blog. They pay you good enough, once your traffic is enough, be assured that you will earn huge revenues from Infolinks. Paypal, Western Union and Wire Transfer are some of the payment options you can choose from when the amount reaches minimum threshold.

2) Yahoo Bing Network:

Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016

Yahoo Bing Network has been one of the most useful, famous and reliable Google Adsense alternatives in 2016, which works on contextual ads basis. Once you believe that you have gotten enough honest traffic for your website/blog then feel free to apply for YBN and earn something from $0.05 to $1 per click. Amounts are sent via wire transfer and Paypal if you reach the threshold of $100. Link


Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016

It’s one of the amazing Google Adsense alternatives and a reliable network of Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads. lets you earn on Cost Per Mile and Revenue Per Mile basis. To get approved by you need to have sufficient organic traffic and better rank in the search engines. They send the amounts via Paypal when your balance reaches $10 at least.

4) BuySellAds:

Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016 For High Earning

BuySellAds helps you monetizing your website. Once you are approved with BuySellAds, you’ll have to create various ad slots to get displayed onto your website. The advertisers of BuySellAds give preference to better ranked sites so make sure your ranking is satisfactory. BuySellAds sends you the amounts preferably via Paypal. Link

5) Tribal Fusion:

Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016 For High eCPM

Tribal Fusion is one of the most useful and amazing CPM ad networks. To get it approved, you need over 500000 page views monthly and a domain of top quality service provider. But once you have Tribal Fusion with you, earning $0.20 to $1 per CPM will be like a cup of tea. So generate huge organic traffic for your website before you apply for an account with Tribal Fusion. Amounts are sent to the users through Paypal.

Best High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives 2016

 Alternatives  Ad Types  Minimum Payment
 Infolinks In text
In Search
In Tag
$50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU) Targeted Text Display $100 (Paypal/Wire)
 BuySellAds Banner Ads $20 (PayPal)
$50 (Check)
$500 (Wire Transfer)
 RevenueHits Display Ads
Pop Ups
Apps & Widgets
$20 (PayPal/Payoneer)
$500 (Wire)

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