Call Of Duty WWII Game Director Responds In The Best Way Possible To Fan Feedback

It is always a good feeling when players feel like their voices are being heard, especially so with online multiplayer games that have a constant rotation of fixes and new content. In the case of Call of Duty: WWII, the latest title has had a few hiccups since launch concerning connectivity issues and balancing but luckily the team over at Sledgehammer are not only looking for the best possible fixes, but are aptly listening to fan feedback.


One user took to YouTube to create a video called “Dear Sledgehammer Games” where he talks about a few of those issues he has with the game itself including its modes, weaponry, and more. The purpose of the video was not meant as an attack and it was very respectfully done. Respect meets respect as the game director himself took notice and assured fans that he absorbed every single bit of that feedback. You can see the original tweet, the game director’s response, and the video link below:

U had me at Constructive😀 TTP now @ franch target. BAR nerf ☑️ but no OSteed. Shottys need buff. More fans like Dom50. Looking @ footsteps❤️

— M.Condrey in WWII (@MichaelCondrey) November 18, 2017

Unlike common feedback, it wasn’t just a yelling content of “MOAR MAPS!” and then a lot of expletives. It was a detailed list of aspects to the latest title that hey felt deserved attention. Key word: “Constructive feedback,” to which Condrey in good nature responded, “U had me at constructive.”

The video itself hit many points, including the rewards bar for the fan favourite game mode ‘Domination’. Weapon balance issues have also been reported on a massive scale, including the Combat Shotgun. Condrey himself agreed that the shotguns were due for a buff.

Lastly, Condrey acknowledged the “footsteps” issue. Though it may sound silly, it actually is quite the annoyance during gameplay. The audio balance is incredibly off, making the Mountain Division’s ability to silence footsteps uniquely powerful.

Call of Duty: WWII is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!


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