8 Best Android Phone Hacking Apps 2016

Android has emerged as the top mobile Operating System, We have seen a great rise in the Android Phone Hacking Apps. We have prepared a list of the best hacking apps for Android that can be used by a technology enthusiast, an IT security administrator, or an ethical hacker.

Best Android Phone Hacking Apps 2016

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Android Phone Hacking Apps 2016

Based upon the industry reviews and our own experience, here is a compilation of the top Android Phone Hacking Apps, Along with the description of apps, we have provided the relevant website and download links to help you get started instantly.

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#1 – Arpspoof

Arpspoof is a tool for network auditing originally written by Dug Song as a part of his dsniff package.

This app redirects traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to either a specific target or all the hosts on the local network paths.

#2 – DroidSheep

DroidSheep [Root] is an Android app for Security analysis in wireless networks and capturing Facebook, twitter, linked-in and other accounts.

#3 – Droidsniff

DroidSniff is an Android app for Security analysis in wireless networks and capturing Facebook, Twitter, linked-in and other accounts. It is one the best hacking apps but was only developed for security purposes.

#4 – Eviloperator

This app connect two friends into a phone conversation making them think they called each other !

Record the call and share the recording to third person.

#5 – Droidsqli

This is the first SQL injection tool for android. You can try SQL injection on any site having vurnability of SQL injecion. This is one of the best Android Hacking app 2016.

#6 – Sharkreader

This Application for reading pcap files.Possible unstability/errors. This is a very useful android hacking app 2016 to trace back the android errors.

#7 – SMSCombo

SMS Combo allows you to send a simple SMS by touching a single button. You can send multiple SMS by touching the button many times in a row.

#8 – WifiAnalyzer

Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer !! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router.

Disclaimer: Please note that BlogGoga.Com is publishing this list just for educational purposes. We don’t support use of any tool to indulge in some unethical purposes.

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