Avoid Main Google AdSense Violations In Simple Ways

Avoid Main Google AdSense Violations In Simple Ways

“Google AdSense is the best ways to monetized your blog. You need do more than just getting your blog or Website ready before you apply for Google AdSense Ads. You also need to Follow the rules. Even Small mistake put you at risk of being banned. Here are some of the most common Google AdSense violations that can get you banned.”

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Using Google AdSense with Banned Content:

Many types of content that cannot be used with Google AdSense. The list of band content for Google Ad Sense publishers are:

  1. Content advocating against a organization or group
  2. Weapon or violence-related content
  3. Promoting prescription medications
  4. Counterfeit merchandise
  5. Excessive profanity
  6. Copyright material
  7. Adult content
  8. Illegal acts
  9. Gambling

If any page on your blog discusses or promotes any of these banned topics and you have Google AdSense ads anywhere on your blog or website or blogger you are violating the rules.

Content in an Unsupported Language:

Google AdSense program supports several languages. If you have a non-English blog, make sure you do not have content in a language that is not supported when you run Google AdSense ads.

Clicking Your Own Ads:

While this is certainly the most rule you should not break it’s surprising how many bloggers click on their own ads. Under no circumstances should you click your own ads, employ tricks like logging in with a different IP address to click ads, or getting friends to click ads for you. If you want to visit a destination page, use the Google AdSense Publisher Toolbar to test click ads without violating any rules.

Copyrighted Material:

There are many ways to violate your Google AdSense agreement with copyrighted material Make sure there are no copyrighted music, videos, images, or content on your website. This rule is often violated by bloggers who use copyrighted images for their posts by using Google Images search and bloggers who post duplicate content.

Inciting Ad Clicks:

Make sure you are not Duplicate users or trying to incite ad clicks by asking people to click ads or attempting to draw the eye to the ads.

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