7 Blogging Tips Every Blog Should Have In 2016

We discuss 7 Blogging Tips Every Blog Should Have in 2016 for good ranking in search engine and to get good organic traffic.

The Online World like (Web) is full of websites and blog, but in order to be unique from others you should use the 7 Blogging tips to rank your blog in search engine. There are many similar websites are present on the web like your’s blog or some others, but these 7 Blogging tips make your’s blog unique and different from them.

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7 Blogging tips Every Blog Should Have in 2016 for good ranking in search engine.

7 Blogging Tips for Ranking in Search Engines.

If you want to participate in online business, then you need a user friendly blog which has the basic functionality which helps the visitors in a proper and user friendly way. This post helps you in order to grow in the online business competition, here are 7 Blogging tips Every Blog Should Have.

1. An Outstanding/Useful About US page of your Blog

Someone who visits your blog must know about yourself that who you are? What should you do? You should have a clear and brief Author Description below the post that every visit has to know you easily get to more understanding about your blog. The About us page of your blog must describe your services that you offer to your client and the topics of your blog.

2. Simple and Easy-to-Remember Domain name/Web Address

Your domain name should be short and easy to remember, so every visitor can easily remember your blog name and find it easily next time by typing in the browsers. Don’t use any special symbols like dashes or numbers. Be smart with the selection of your web address.

3. Trustworthy Testimonials

Adding honest testimonials can boost your conversion rates. If you sell products or services, testimonials can help your customers establish trust on you.

4. Quality Content

Articles or posts are the backbone of a blog. Having best quality posts on your blog can make you outplay your competitors online. Search engines as well as readers too love quality and fresh content. Sharing the posts on social media would help you reach the right audience.

5. Good/Responsive Web Design and Readability

Your blog design should be simple and easy to navigate. The Important thing is that your blog theme should be Responsive Theme according to all the devices, like Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop Computer etc.

While Writing your post follow the following tips to make it more readable.

  • Use Bullet Points
  • Use Bold, Italic and Underline to highlight the important points
  • Use Simple and easy Language
  • Write Short Paragraphs

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization is the main and important factor in driving the organic traffic from search engine to rank your blog. You don’t need to hire an SEO expert to do SEO of your blog. You can do it yourself.

Using Keywords, Internal Linking, including ALT tags in Images, are the basic SEO practices.

7. CTA (Call To Action)

Always tell your readers what you expect from them. Call To Action can be used for asking visitors to subscribe to your blog, hire you for your the services you provide or buy any product.

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