2018 Best SEO Techniques for Bloggers

Building a community and reaching the target audience for your blog will require high-quality content. The digital age, we live in, pushes us to adapt and keep our mind in the game all the time. Therefore, improving your online presence is essential when it comes to writing a successful blog. Whether you are writing about fashion,  business or travel, being on the first page of Google search is crucial if you want to reach your goals and audience. There are many different promotion channels you can use to reach a larger audience and advertise. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and PPC campaigns could be a great idea. However, learning more about SEO techniques for bloggers will help you optimize your articles and build a strong community for your blog while hitting the first Google page without any extra expenses.

First things first – let’s talk about your blog

Being a blogger requires skills and dedication. Opposite to the popular general opinion that blogging is an easy job, it actually takes a lot of effort, excellent writing skills, time and research to create relevant and interesting content for your audience. Therefore, developing a unique style, content, and approach to a certain subject are absolutely crucial.

2018 Best SEO Techniques for Bloggers

A common mistake many new bloggers make is having too many different topics to talk about on their blogs. Sometimes, this makes their blogs look messy. In order to stay organized and help your readers get around, divide your articles into categories. Having too many topics will both confuse your readers and search engines. It will also be difficult to update regularly on too many subjects. Therefore, as fresh content is something both your readers and search engines will like and appreciate, choose one or few topics and devote to them.

The writing…

Whatever style or language you want to use for writing, keep your sentences short and clear. Having short sentences will both help your SEO and make your articles easy for reading.  Use paragraphs and logical headlines to divide your content. According to SEO criteria, your articles shouldn’t be shorter than 800 words.

Before writing an article, create a structure: Introduction, body text, and conclusion. A clear structure will help you customize your content according to SEO techniques for bloggers during the creative process. 

Your blog needs to be appealing to your readers. Think about your target audience and keep in mind that you are writing for them. Consider your typical readers and write as you were talking directly to them. This way you will be able to keep the same blog tone, which is an important part of branding.

Staying inspired can be tricky. It is completely normal that sometimes you feel drained out of ideas. Therefore, make sure you have enough time to recharge your energy. Also, when in need of advice you can always look for blogging best practices for additional ideas and motivation.

SEO techniques for bloggers – all you need to know

SEO can help you position your blog on search engines organically. By adding relevant and optimized content regularly, you won’t have to worry about your online visibility. The best way to keep track of your optimization is to add an SEO plugin to your website.

In order to learn proper SEO techniques for bloggers here a few guidelines you should follow when writing a blog post:

  • Keyword research and usage.
  • Headings and subheadings. 
  • Adding images. 
  • Internal and external linking is an, also important part of SEO techniques for bloggers.
  • Additional checking and reviewing.

The keywords- How to find and use them?

The keyword research will give you a better insight into what your target audience is looking for.  It may be that you are already naturally using some of them in your blog post. However, their distribution throughout your blog posts should go according to SEO. There are many great tools you can use for your keyword research. Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and KWfinder are user-friendly and will provide you with valuable information.

After researching your keywords and deciding on the main one to use for your article, you will need to pay attention where the keyword should go. Make sure you use it in :

  • The headline of your blog article.
  • First and last article’s paragraph.
  • Headings or subheading.
  • Alt tags of your photos. 

However, keep in mind that you don’t want to overuse your keywords. You need to keep your articles interesting and on topic.

The headings and subheadings

Interesting headlines are extremely important for your blog posts. Keep in mind that 80% percent of people read the headline but only 20% will read the rest of an article. Therefore, keep your main headlines catchy. Also, it is very important to include your keyword in both the main article heading as well as in some of the subheadings.

Also, keep in mind that a heading or subheading needs to be followed by no more than 300 words.

The images for your blog posts

When using SEO techniques for bloggers in your articles, the images you use are very important. They should be connected to the topic and specific paragraphs you add them to. There are many online sources for downloading the images that free for commercial use. Should you use free images for blogs? Well, it is possible that other bloggers are using them as well. Therefore, consider taking some photos by yourself or buying them online. Pay a close attention which websites allow you to use their photos for free and which ones require mentioning the source. Don’t use any long captions and don’t forget to add the keyword if possible.


Link your articles to other posts on your blog. Also, find few external reliable sources and link to them as well. All of this will add value to your content and improve your SEO. Use logical phrases as anchor text. Therefore, your readers will understand that by clicking they will be able to get more detailed information.

Is there anything else?

Always review and double check. Details are important and as a devoted blogger, you shouldn’t have any typos. In addition to other SEO techniques for bloggers, you will use, use the Grammarly extension to check your grammar. If you are unsure of the quality of your post, ask someone you trust to review and read it before you publish it.

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