10 Incredible Microsoft Windows 10 Features and Benefits

There are many Incredible Microsoft Windows 10 Features for their users but some of the best top 10 Microsoft Windows 10 Features are explained in detailed.

Windows 10 is the version of the Windows NT operating system. Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed and released by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems.

From the last 30 years Microsoft is developing many Operating Systems Including the  most Popular Windows XP and the popular stable version of Windows 7 and now the latest version by Microsoft is Windows 10.

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Now a days Microsoft is little bit struggling with Apple due to the huge and great invention by the Apple Company in the form of iPad and iPhone’s and with the latest version of iPhone 7s. The Mac has become the preferred personal computer for home use, and Microsoft’s profits have suffered.

What is Windows NT operating system ?

Windows NT is a family of Operating Systems produced by Microsoft, the first version of which was released in July 1993. It is a processor-independent, multiprocessing, multi-user operating system.

Top 10 Microsoft Windows 10 Features

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1: Windows 10 Is Completely Free

Windows 10 Is Completely Free

Yes, Its right Microsoft Windows 10 is free available for the user, If you are using Windows 8 or 8.1 its very easy to upgrade it to Windows 10 with out any cost.

Some peoples say that Windows 10 will be completely free for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users and some peoples say that Its not free for Windows XP user’s because Microsoft do not support Windows XP now.

2: The New Start Menu in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Features, The New Start Menu in Windows 10

Now its turn about the Start Menu, Mostly peoples like the Start Menu of Windows 7 because its very simple and easy to use. Most peoples are confused in Start Menu present in windows 8 or 8.1 because its totally different from Windows 7.

But now in Windows 10 Start Menu is become the mixture of the Start Menu in windows 7 and Windows 8 and its look’s awesome.

But with the new Start menu, it now features three columns, On the left is most-used apps, power, user settings, quick links and a button to see all your installed software.

The middle and right columns are made up of “Pinned apps” and “Live Tiles”, which you can customize to feature your favorite information such as sports scores.

3: Appearance Windows 10

Appearance Windows 10

In Windows 10 the new Start menu and Action Center with its large, eye catching tiles and easy to access menu options, Windows 10 will be absolutely stunning to look at.

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4: Touch Screen Technology In Windows 10

Touch Screen Technology In Windows 10

We all love Tablets and iPad due to the Touch Screen Technology, Microsoft also loves touch screen technology and has actually spent the last 15 years developing it for its PC’s. Windows 10 will of course also support touch screen features, it’s debatable though how much utility you may get.

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5: Task View In Windows 10

Task View In Windows 10

Many People’s Love Multitasking In Windows 10 Microsoft has taken multitasking to a whole new level, by tapping Task view button on the main task bar, it instantly snaps every application you’re using into view and then lets the user resize windows within Task view.

6: Say Goodbye To Internet Explorer Welcome Microsoft Edge

Say Goodbye To Internet Explorer Welcome Microsoft Edge

In old Microsoft Operating system there is a built-in browser “Internet Explorer” but no one want to use Internet Explorer due to its slow speed and poor performance, but people can use Internet Explorer to download Google Chrome.

In Windows 10, Microsoft removed the “Internet Explorer” and replaced it with new and Modern Web Browser called  “Microsoft Edge“, this browser design with the modern concept speed and reliability like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, no doubt that these are the most popular and modern web browser in the world.

So in Windows 10 you can get rid of old and slow “Internet Explorer” and enjoy modern and speedy “Microsoft Edge“.

7: The Xbox App For Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 Features, The Xbox App For Windows 10

The Xbox App For Windows 10 is particularly cool for gamer. The Xbox app for Windows PCs will allow both PC gamer and console players play the same games with one another online.

8: Microsoft Action Center

Microsoft Action Center in Windows 10

The Action Center in  Windows 10 will be a pull out screen on the right hand side, and along with being to access your most used and important info, you also be able to access quick settings such as Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, Screen Brightness and other options.

9: Cortana Wants To Be Your New Siri

Microsoft Windows 10 Features, Cortana Wants To Be Your New Siri

Cortana is your digital agent. She’ll help you get things done.

In Apple digital agent is (Siri) and In Windows 10 digital agent is (Cortana)

Cortana will work a bit differently than Siri because it will be largely text based. But for the owners of newer PC’s, you will be able to actually speak to Cortana.

10: Microsoft HoloLens Technology in Windows 10

Virtual reality has really been nothing but science fiction for the past decade, but with the introduction of HoloLens, Microsoft is looking to change all of that. The HoloLens headset is untethered from your PC and will function with an independent CPU, but will be wireless networked to your Windows 10 machine.

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